Friday, August 22, 2008

Sustainable Georgia Premieres on GPB Radio Saturday, September 6

Sustainable Georgia will feature interviews with the people driving these changes throughout the state, as well as sustainable/green news stories gathered during the week by GPB’s statewide staff of reporters.

Initial topics to be considered on Sustainable Georgia will include green building, brownfield and grayfield re-development, alternative energy use and development, clean water and water conservation, riverkeeping, coastal conservation efforts, recycling strategies and cooperatives, historic preservation and downtown development, locally-grown and marketed food, sustainable-green entrepreneurship, green tourism, transportation and alternate commute strategies and the virtual workplace.

Beyond the goal of crafting a conversational, thoughtful, authentic Georgia voice for these issues, Sustainable Georgia on the air and on the web will strive to create a community of Georgians who care about these issues. For example, featuring a municipal energy efficiency or ‘green’ development success story from one town and broadcasting it throughout the state to others will allow workable sustainability ideas to percolate, be publicized and multiplied for a greater good statewide.

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