Friday, September 19, 2008

Sustainable Georgia This Week-Dam The Flint River Or Not?

On this week's program we take a look at a controversial initiative that would dam the Flint River as a possible solution for the Metro Atlanta's recent water woes. GPB Bureau Chiefs Josephine Bennett from WMUM 89.7 FM in Macon and John Sepulvado with WGPB 97.7 FM in Rome report to Melissa Stiers on Earth News. Among the high profile opponents of damming the Flint is former President Jimmy Carter, who weighs in. Additionally, we'll talk with Deborah Byrd from Earth & Sky, about their longtime "clear voice for science" feature heard on GPB Radio Monday-Friday at 9:04am and 3:04pm.
Our Shout Out goes out to the Altamaha Riverkeeper for all they do to keep a watch on this great South Georgia Resource, and a reminder that you can join them at their Clam Jam 2008 benefit on October 4. Recycled music features Sheryl Crow's song Gasoline, about a dystopian near-term future where we're all fighting over gasoline, a particularly pointed notion during a week in which Georgians are faced with the highest gas prices in the country, or empty pumps in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike's negative effect on refining capacity.

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