Friday, November 28, 2008

Sustainable Small Towns and Environmental Impacts of The Mortgage Crisis in Georgia, Sunday at 4:30p and online at

Note: Sustainable Georgia will not air on Saturdays for a few weeks as we step aside for the live broadcasts of The Metropolitan Opera on GPB Radio. The program will continue to air Sundays at 4:30pm and Tuesday nights at 11:30pm. You can also download or stream the program on demand at

This week's edition of Sustainable Georgia considers the notion that places should be sustainable, as much as land or natural resources. Billy Parrish is the Director of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Office of Downtown Development. As such, he's charged with helping sustain Georgia's small towns, dealing with such issues as historic preservation, local tourism, local food, and sustainable economic development. We'll talk about brownfield and grayfield redevelopment, Georgia's eco-tourism initiatives, and why the people living and working to make Georgia's small towns more livable and sustainable aren't worried about "two Georgias." They are more interested in the fact that we have many Georgias, all of them liveable in their own way.

On Earth News this week, Dave Bender takes a look at a new biomass energy plant in South Georgia. The collapse of residential real estate development is having environmental consequences that are turning mortgage bankers into erosion control experts (whether they like it or not).

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