Friday, January 30, 2009

PFOA, Obama Stands Firm On Energy,, Randy Newman's homage to the Cuyahoga River Fire This Weekend on Sustainable Georgia

This has been a week filled with both hope and dread for Georgians who want to see their communities green and sustainable. We’ll touch on both aspects, and hopefully leave you with more hope than dread on Sustainable Georgia. The Obama administration wasted no time on pushing forward their green initiatives with regards to energy policies and dealing with carbon in our air. We’ll have a report from NPR on that. John Sepulvado stops by to weigh in on the latest information and mis-information about Perfluoro-octanic Acid-PFOA , found in large amounts in a North Georgia water supply taken from the Conasauga River(pictured above). Meanwhile some Georgia EMC customers now have a new green energy alternative, with news that a former underwear plant has been converted into a biomass energy plant.
At a time when for profit green initiatives are proliferating and the natural skepticism of both libertarians and liberals are starting to come full circle, meeting in the middle, we’ll visit with Beth Bond from, an Internet start up, for-profit web site attempting to provide community resources for Southern environmentalists. On recycled music we take a listen to Randy Newman's paean to the Cuyahoga River fires of 1936-1969, Burn On.

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