Friday, March 13, 2009

Right Whales, Sea Turtles, Hybrid Garbage Trucks, Integrative Biology and Listeners Protest This Weekend on Sustainable Georgia

Sustainable Georgia airs across the state on GPB Radio at 12:30p Saturday and 4:30p Sunday. You can listen to the program on demand here, and you can also download the program as an iTunes podcast.
It's been a week with good news for coastal wildlife and next week promises to be a pivotal week in the expansion(or not) of nuclear power in Georgia. Meanwhile, Macon Georgia gets out on the cutting edge of hybrid vehicles. Melissa Stiers reports on the news that Sea Turtles have plenty of suitable nests on Tybee Island after all. Myriam Levy reports on the first successful sedation of a whale swimming free in the wild, as federal biologists sedated a Right Whale off of Daytona Beach in order to disentangle it from fishing gear.
From Macon comes word that the first hybrid-power municipal garbage truck in America will be hauling refuse through the cherry blossom city. Josephine Bennett from WMUM 89.7 FM reports.
Earth & Sky's Lindsay Patterson talks with integrative biologist Camille Parmesan, who suggests that climate change will change the rules of wildlife conservation.
Sustainable Georgia answers email from a listener in Washington County, Georgia, who favors the building of coal fired energy Plant Washington. While respectfully disagreeing with some of his assertions, we are interested in featuring a debate on the plant between two Washington County residents. Our listener can represent the Pro side. If you are interested in debating the Con side of Plant Washington and you live in Washington County, please drop us a line at
Finally, we ask the question "can we all get along" by recycling a song from Johnny Clegg and Juluka, one of the great, courageous cross-cultural, cross-class artistic expressions of late 20th century. You can read more about them here.

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