Saturday, February 21, 2009

Greenspace, Save Our Amphibians, Aquaponics, Gray Water and Old Bob Dylan This Weekend On Sustainable Georgia On GPB Radio & Online

This week on the program we look into the green aspects of the Economic Recovery Plan signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday. While their are high hopes and rhetoric about millions of jobs to be gained and thousands of tons of C02 and barrels of oil to be saved, we'll keep watch to see if Fed dollar promises make for a more sustainable Georgia.

Georgia's Regional Water Councils were announced February 14 by the Governor. The councils, organized by watershed, are political appointees charged with water resource planning, and were mandated by last year's Comprehensive Statewide Water Monitoring Plan. Some editorial writers around the state have noted with concern that environmentalists are notably absent from the list, the state's riverkeepers in particular. We recommend that you check out the list of Water Council members here and see who's making decisions on behalf of your watershed. Call them up or drop an email and let them know your concerns, whether it's point-source pollution issues, water conservation, development, or other green concerns.

Greenspace promises to tick up in Walker County and Carroll County, with initiatives this week. Edgar Treiguts reports about a proposed Chickamauga to Cloudland Canyon(pictured above) rail to trail, while the Trust for Public Land and Carroll County creatively used contributions and SPLOST money to set aside 485 acres of land along the Chattahoochee River.

Myriam Levy takes a look at aquaponics, Noel Brown focuses on Georgia's rules regarding gray water re-use, integrative biologist Tyrone Hays talks about the importance of amphibians to our long term prospects as a species, and we shine a light on Alan Flurry and his blog What Does Green Mean? Check it out. We'll talk with Alan on next week's show.

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Fred G said...

Only one known envirnomental person in on the Middle Georgia Water Council.