Friday, February 13, 2009

Nuclear Reactors Paid In Advance, The Center For A Sustainable Coast, and Sand Hill Cranes On Sustainable Georgia This Weekend.

This week the program features a feature from Orlando Montoya in Savannah about the Federal Government's new off shore energy policy. Hint--the buzz phrase "drill, baby, drill" is no longer operative. John Sepulvado drops by with a Q&A about Georgia Senate Bill 31, which is now going before the Georgia House of Representatives. The bill would allow utility companies to begin billing rate-payers for the cost of building two new reactors at Plant Vogtle years before the reactors actually go online.

Does Georgia have alternatives to nuclear power and offshore drilling? The Center for a Sustainable Coast thinks so. Their Executive Director David Kyler joins us for a conversation about studies that show that offshore wind energy could be harnessed and provide clean, non-radioactive, carbon free megawatts in the years to come.

Our Shout Out this week goes out to the Georgia Association of Floodplain Management, who met this week in Columbus. Georgia's floodplain managers keep our towns safe when the water is high, and are devoted to low impact development, greenways, and improved stormwater runoff strategies. They are unheralded workers in most cases, but they are doing good green work. Visit their site here to find out more.

Melissa Stiers drops in as the GPB Nature Watcher, taking in the annual migration of Sand Hill Cranes across our state. Catch the show on GPB Radio across the state, 12:30p Saturday and 4:30p Sunday right after Weekend Gazette.

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